Brokerage integration

Quantcha is not a brokerage, but does offer the ability to manage typical brokerage tasks via technical integration. Quantcha integrates with brokerages on two different levels: linking and importing.

Linked brokerages

A linked brokerage is one that Quantcha has an API (application programming interface) relationship with. When approved by a mutual client, Quantcha will be able to directly access that client’s account and market data privileges for use within Quantcha. In most cases, this also includes support for trading and order management from Quantcha’s platform as directed by the client.

To better understand how our seamless brokerage integration works, check out our TD Ameritrade launch demo:

At this time, Quantcha has integrated with the APIs from the following brokerages:

Quantcha is always working to add integration for new brokerages. If you would like us to integrate with a brokerage not shown here, please contact them to let them know you are a Quantcha user. You can also reach out to us at

Import brokerages

An import brokerage is one where Quantcha offers the ability to import the portfolio exports offered by other brokerages. For example, a given brokerage may allow you to export your positions as a CSV file, which you would then import into Quantcha here. Please note that linked brokerage accounts automatically keep your portfolio positions up to date, so this process is not necessary if you can link.

At this time, Quantcha supports the export formats of all major North American brokerages. However, as there are generally no standards for these exports, the formats sometimes change unexpectedly over time. If you are unable to import a file, please send it to and we will update support for it.

Quantcha only supports portfolio position imports at this time. Transaction history uploads are not supported.