What is InvestOps?

InvestOps is shorthand for investment operations. It describes the process investors follow in deciding when and how to make their investment decisions.

InvestOps is not a philosophy or a way to invest. Instead, it’s a standardized way to think about the stages of a particular investment to better plan and execute. While it can theoretically apply to any kind of investment, we will primarily frame it in the context of stock and option trading.

One of the key benefits of applying the mindset of InvestOps is that it breaks down the different investment tasks into distinct, independent stages. By defining the boundaries and relationships between the stages, anyone can learn to effectively manage the lifetime of an investment. It also makes it easier to understand where and how specialized tools and patterns fit into an investment’s lifetime.

As this course progresses, we’ll spend some time discussing each stage, as well as the typical tasks they include and artifacts they produce. The goal here is not necessarily to convince you to change the way you already invest. If you’re like most people, you’ll find that you’re already following the concepts of InvestOps to some degree. Hopefully, you’ll also find some opportunities to improve your process.