InvestOps and the book manager

If you are familiar with InvestOps, you have already thought about how various tools fit into your process. The book manager is an extremely versatile option to help your investing whenever you’re considering changes to the positions you hold.

Planning a trade

Sometimes you may see a market opportunity that will impact positions you already hold. This could be a separate trade against an underlying you’re using for another investment, or it could be in a stock with strong correlation to the stocks you’re actively trading in other strategies. The book manager provides a great way to analyze how a prospective trade will affect your current book and portfolio. In addition to correlated returns, the book manager provides clear insight into book and beta-weighted portfolio Greeks so that you fully understand how potential changes impact your resulting market position.

Adjusting a book

The book manager is primarily designed to help you effectively and efficiently adjust your current book to reach a target state. The bulk of its features are designed to help you experiment with different changes so that you can properly react to the market events that are driving your need to change holdings.