Book manager summary

In this course we covered how the book manager can help you manage an options book of any shape and size. You can easily project the expected future of the book based on a variety of key parameters. You can also experiment with prospective changes and understand how those changes will impact your current book metrics and performance. Finally, we covered how the adjustment analyzer can help you find single-leg transactions to balance your book as desired.

Next steps

This course focused on managing books based on different kinds of option strategies. We also covered creating a delta-gamma-neutral strategy. However, Quantcha provides some tools that are ideal for setting up initial strategies, and they all have great integration with the book manager.

If you already know the stock and expiration you want to trade, check out our options search engine course.

We also offer a variety of global strategy screeners that enable you to zero in on an opportunity based on the specific type of trade you want to open.

If you’re looking for a fun challenge, pick up the SPY book exercise where we left off. Use a combination of tools within the platform to adjust the risk/reward ratio, such as by finding long calls and puts that can be used to reduce the margin requirement by fully covering the short positions.