Scenario: Backstory

In this course you walk through an investment based on a fictitious stock, XYZ. You will follow our hero, Mark, on his adventure as a typical investor following the InvestOps process from start to finish.

The backstory

The market has been ripping lately. Mark has been doing pretty well for himself, and now he’s thinking about the next investment to add to his portfolio. The first half of the year is coming to a close and he’s made himself a promise; sort of like a mid-year’s resolution. He’s going to become a more disciplined investor. Sure, it’s been easy to make money over the past few years, but that can’t go on forever, and he wants to be ready.

He’s skimmed a few books and web sites in search of an investing process. There are lots of paid programs out there, and each one is backed by a guru mugging for snazzy YouTube ads in front of a private jet. Unfortunately, they all want Mark to follow their trading plan and investment philosophy, and that’s not what he’s looking for. He wants an investment process that helps bring structure to the way he already trades.

Then one day he comes across the InvestOps process and decides to give it a try.