InvestOps and Quantcha Alerts

If you are familiar with InvestOps, you have already thought about how various tools fit into your process. Quantcha Alerts is a great option for developing a view and monitoring your investment.

Developing a view

Many views produce a conclusion along the lines of “I’d be bullish on XYZ if it dropped below 100.” With Quantcha Alerts, you can create an alert to watch the market for you. Then, if the conditions line up, you’ll get notified and have the opportunity to move your investment to the next stage. You can also define some pretty sophisticated scenarios, such as “Let me know when XYZ is below 100 AND its 30-day IV is above 40 AND its 30-day IV Rank is above 75.”

Monitoring an investment

Quantcha Alerts is the ideal tool for monitoring option investments of all shapes an sizes. In addition to supporting conditions specific to stocks and options, you also have access to conditions that dynamically include stocks you currently have positions in. For example, you can create an alert to let you know when any of your portfolio stocks are within a certain number of days of an earnings announcement or ex-dividend date. You can also monitor account or book properties, such as the net delta of your XYZ book, or even the beta-weighted delta held at the portfolio level. This includes support for linked brokerage accounts, so you can benefit from Quantcha Alerts even if you don’t use the Quantcha Options Suite for anything else.