How Quantcha Alerts uses data

Quantcha Alerts uses the best data option available for your account when evaluating alert conditions.

  • If an account is linked to a supported brokerage, whether it’s a paid subscription or free evaluation account, Quantcha Alerts will use the brokerage API to retrieve market quotes. The timeliness of these quotes is governed by your agreement with the brokerage. If your account is granted access to real-time quotes, then those will be used when evaluating your alert conditions. We simply request the data from the API and use it as-is.
  • Subscribed accounts not linked to a brokerage will fall back to Quantcha’s 20+ minute delayed market quotes.
  • Evaluation accounts not linked to a brokerage use data from April 2020.

Does this mean that you can create a free Evaluation account and get full access to Quantcha Alerts just by linking a supported brokerage account?

Yes! We hope you’ll ultimately subscribe to get all of the other benefits we have to offer, but you don’t need to subscribe if you just want to create alerts for your accounts at TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, or any of the other brokerages we have API integration with.

If you use Quantcha Alerts with a linked brokerage account, it’s important that you make sure the link stays active. If you unlink your account from Quantcha or revoke access through your brokerage, then Quantcha Alerts will no longer be able to use the API for your alerts. In addition, some brokerages like E*TRADE require that a link be reestablished on a regular basis (like once per month), which you can do from the brokerage link page.

It’s also important to note that Quantcha Alerts is a completely read-only service. You can use it to evaluate data about your account, but you cannot use it to automate trading.