Other interesting alerts you can create

The exercises in this course focused on a few select conditions designed to illustrate the flexibility of Quantcha Alerts. However, there are a variety of different scenarios enabled beyond what was covered, with more conditions being added all the time.

Watchlist alerts

The Watchlist stock condition allows you to evaluate your watchlist for stocks that have made a substantial move. You can configure the alert to notify you when any of the stocks moves up and/or down a certain percentage.

Account balance alerts

The Account balance condition is designed for use with a linked brokerage account. It allows you to build notifications that evaluate certain properties of your account balances, such as the total account value, margin requirement, and more.

Order closed alerts

The Order closed condition is also designed for use with a linked brokerage account. It provides a notification when the target order’s status changes to anything other than “Open”. Although it’s primarily intended to let you know when an order has filled, it will also fire if the order has been cancelled, partially filled, rejected, expired, and so on. Note that some brokerages will cancel an order when you replace it, so you may also receive a notification when changing it. It’s recommended that you configure these alerts to delete themselves after triggering since they will never be useful again.

Requesting new conditions

Have an idea for a new condition that’s not yet supported? Let us know at hello@quantcha.com.